My Network Devices

Login to the My Network Devices Portal

Information Technology Services provides the community with a My Network Devices Portal for automatic login to the muwireless network, and wired/wireless access for gaming systems, for up to 4 devices per person.  With this capability, you can register your laptop, mobile phone, tablet, gaming system, etc on the network and then no longer have to login each time you want access to the network.
Terms of Use: Please do not add other user's devices to your Device List.  Doing so will hold you accountable if that user performs any illegal or unethical action(s) on the network.  To protect the this network from unauthorized use and to ensure that this network is functioning properly, activities on this system are monitored and recorded and subject to audit.  Use of this system is expressed consent to such monitoring and recording.  Any unauthorized access or use of this system is prohibited and could be subject to criminal and civil penalties.  For more detail, please review the Marymount Computer Use Policy.
Please register your devices via the My Network Devices Portal.  Please note that you can only register your devices when logged in to the network so you will need to be on campus to register your devices.  You will also be required to find your MAC address on your device.  Click the link below for instructions on how to find depending on your device type.


Video Directions

Note regarding Gaming Systems: All gaming systems, whether accessing the network via a wired or wireless connection, should be added to your My Devices portal to allow access to the network.
Xbox 360
Xbox One