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Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Locations

Building Location Description  
26th Street Garage (G4) Outside elevator lobby on right going into garage  
Berg Main lobby by Campus & Residential Services office under Student Health Center sign  
Butler Main entry to residence hall on wall to left of desk  
Butler/St. Joseph Entry between two buildings on left of vending machines  
Caruthers Hall (2nd) Outside elevator behind elevator by fire extinguisher  
Caruthers Hall (G1) Outside elevator on left as exit elevator  
Chapel Inside front door on right  
Gailhac Main entry by Lee Center to right of door  
Gerard Main lobby hallway to the right of International Student Services
Third floor opposite elevator
Cafeteria opposite payment counter
Guardhouse Office
Golf cart
child pads included
Lee Ostapenko Hall (1st) Residence hall lobby on pillar by security desk child pads included
Lee Ostapenko Hall (G3) Residence hall elevator lobby  
Lee Ostapenko Hall (G4) Inside Fitness Center  
Lodge Main lobby entry  
Main House Tile room wall left of door to back side room  
Reinsch Library Main lobby to left of water fountains  
Rose Benté Lee Center Lower level by exit sign near vending machines
Lower level by fire extinguisher, before pillar opposite team meeting room
Main level by front desk to left of fire extinguisher
Rowley Ground floor next to G208
Courtyard entry to left of foyer door
Shuttle Center Shuttle Operations Center  
St. Joseph Third floor stairs by fire extinguisher  
Ballston Guard Desk and Campus Safety Office